About Us


Mukul Savings and Credit Co-operative Limited established under the Co-operative Act 2048, is a financial institution permitted to carry out financial transactions. The head office of which is situated in Baluwatar, Kathamandu. This institution is managed by hilly skilled personnel who have involved in different financial sector over the country.
The aim of the institution is to provide attractive interest rates to the collected principle and provide loans to honest professionals and entrepreneurs to promote their business, making them capable and independent in competitive financial environment with the motto of “My Trust, My Future And...My Secured saving”.


The share capital of the institution is maintained at Rs. 15,00,00,000/-. The amount will be fully converted to paid- up capital under the "Decade collection and Support" within fiscal year 2076/77.


To honestly fulfill the responsibilities by obeying the rules and regulations is the reflection of a successful management. The management of the institution gives high priority to this fact and is committed in fulfilling duties. The employees and staff are committed to implement rules and programs of the institution.


To provide better faster and easier customer service, to manage the daily transactions for clear accounting, the institution uses the “PUMORI PLUS” a banking software which helps in effective and trustworthy transaction for customer.

Mukul Savings and Credit Co-operative Ltd recognize more that in the past the necessity of strengthening its support with other affiliate Co-operative organizations. This is based on the value of solidarity drawn from the saying that goes that “Unity For Better”. By cementing strong bonds of co-operation with other co-operatives, the organization is and has been able to achieve more than it could single handed.